Wildlife safaris in East Africa

Let us arrange your visit to the spectacular home of authentic wildlife safaris. East Africa has unbelievable numbers and species of animals, big and small, and Tano Safaris knows which areas to recommend for the best chances to see them. Game viewing and photo safaris can be enjoyed throughout the year, and we generally suggest at least 3 nights at each location, in order to fully enjoy the experience.

Being on safari should not only focus on seeing the Big Five (Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Cape Buffalos and (Black) Rhinos), but on appreciating the delightful and hurried mongooses, the slow and patient tortoises and terrapins, the noisy hyraxes, curious genets, iridescent dung beetles or comical warthogs, and the colourful birdlife that abounds throughout the region.

On safari, game drives are usually carried out in the early morning and late afternoon, however some animals such as the cheetah are more often encountered during the day. Our private safaris permit you to spend as much time as you like out on a game drive, and our safari vehicles have roof hatches to allow for better game viewing. Some lodges and camps offer game drives in open vehicles, providing for uninterrupted views.

A round the clock activity, game viewing is not limited to the daylight hours. Different animals have different habits, and some areas offer Night Game Drives when animals such as leopards, springhares, pangolins, and aardvarks are more active and more readily seen. Game viewing can also be experienced on boat trips, on bush walks, and on horseback and camelback safaris, while from the air, a hot air balloon safari gives you an entirely unique and exciting perspective of the animals in the savannahs below.

  • Our comfortable safari vehicles are adapted for ease of game viewing © Tano Safaris.

  • If you are lucky, the elusive leopard may walk right in front of you. Image credit: Isabel and Rolf Römer.

  • The intense stare of a cheetah prior to an attempt at hunting © Tano Safaris.

  • A trio of Reticulated Giraffes, unique to Kenya. Image credit: Isabel and Rolf Römer.

  • Beautiful close-up photo of Cape Buffalos having a drink. Image credit: Isabel and Rolf Römer.

  • The cub lion cub seems to have no idea what he did wrong! Image credit: Alex Walker's Serian.

  • Delicious packed breakfasts give you more time out on the game drive © Tano Safaris.

  • The blue-skinned Somali Ostrich, unique to the northern half of Kenya. Image credit: Laura and Ed Williams.

  • Night game drives offer you the chance to see nocturnal creatures like this Bush Baby. Image credit: Mihingo Lodge.

  • Wildlife viewing on a boat excursion in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Image credit: Mweya Safari Lodge.

  • Open safari vehicles let you enjoy the privilege of seeing endangered Rhinos up close. Image credit: Lewa Wilderness.

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