• A safari to Kenya brings you spectacular encounters with wildlife © TANO Safaris.

  • Watching a cheetah stalk its prey is one of the highlights of a safari to Kenya © TANO Safaris.

  • Wildebeest crossing the Mara River during the Migration © Tano Safaris.

  • Colourful and historic Old Towns at the Swahili Coast © Tano Safaris.

  • Stunning coral beaches at Diani, at the South Coast. Image credit: Sands at Nomad.

  • The diverse peoples of Kenya include these beauties in Amboseli. Image credit: Olga Posysoeva.

  • Hundreds of thousands of flamingos colour and animate the Rift Valley’s soda lakes. Image credit: Deloraine House.

small MAP KENYAHighlights of Kenya

  • The Great Wildebeest Migration and the Masai Mara
  • The spectacular soda lakes of the Rift Valley
  • Unique wildlife in the northern semi-deserts
  • World famous community-run wildlife ranches in Laikipia and Chyulu areas.
  • White sandy beaches and historic Old Towns.
Explore Kenya, home of the original safari, and then read about  Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.


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About Kenya

Lying along the Equator, with a stunning tapestry of diverse landscapes ranging from true deserts to tropical rain forests, sweeping savannahs to the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya, and at the coast, almost 500km of silvery sandy beaches and beautiful islands, Kenya is the premier showcase for most of the natural wonders that can be visited on the continent. Most of Kenya’s most emblematic natural history is encased within the Great Rift Valley, which runs the entire length of the country. Important prehistoric sites dating back millions of years, soda lakes ringed with flamingos and thousands of other bird species, the world famous wildlife-rich Masai Mara Game Reserve, and breathtaking geographic formations are just some of the attractions in this area.

The country’s beauty is not limited to the Rift Valley; the northern semi-deserts house an unexpected and rich treasure trove of rare and intriguing wildlife such as the Grevy’s zebra and blue-legged Somali ostrich, as well as some of the largest elephants in the country. Western Kenya offers a chance to visit Lake Victoria and the Kakamega Forest renowned for its outstanding birdlife, while Central Kenya is home to the lush and verdant Aberdare National Park and Mount Kenya. World famous community-run wildlife ranches can be visited in several areas, the best being in the Laikipia and Chyulu areas. The Coast presents the glorious silvery white sandy beaches and island destinations with, among them the historic and fantastically chic Lamu, a World Heritage Site. There are cultural villages all over the country that can be visited, and for those interested in history, there are several interesting museums that showcase Kenya’s heritage. Whether you prefer the name “Home of the original safari” or “Cradle of Mankind”, you never feel like a visitor to Kenya, rather, you feel like part of the family, returning home.

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