A bird’s eye view of East Africa

Watch the land unfold beneath you from the safety of the Hot Air Balloon’s basket, as you take in the sheer immense size of the savannah. Look out for the stunning vistas and enjoy the different perspective to seeing the animals from a bird’s eye view.

Tano Safaris can arrange for you to experience Hot Air Ballooning over the savannahs of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Balloon safaris begin before dawn, so that by the time you have been briefed and have watched the balloon being inflated, the experience can take off as you rise up and away, greeted by the first rays of the rising sun.  

Guided by the wind, you silently float over the land for about an hour. The gas burners on board are mainly used to raise the balloon off the ground, and to correct its course occasionally. The captivating experience ends as you land in the middle of the plains and celebrate your balloon safari in East Africa with a delicious and exciting Champagne Bush Breakfast.

  • Flight over the African landscape. Image credit: Uganda Balloon Safari.

  • Hot Air Ballooning in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Image credit: Uganda Balloon Safari.

  • Watch the balloons being prepared for the flight. Image credit: Governors' Balloon Safaris.

  • Spectacular wildlife viewing from the air. Image credit: Serengeti Balloon Safaris.

  • The views are breathtaking! Image credit: Hot Air Safaris.

  • Aerial view of the Mara River. image credit: Alex Walker's Serian.

  • Hot Air Balloons drift over the Masai Mara. Image credit: Isabel and Rolf Römer

Contact Tano Safaris now for hot air balloon flights in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda: enquiries@tanosafaris.com.  

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