Ride in the Wild!

Tano Safaris can arrange exciting horseback and camelback riding safaris in East Africa for you, ranging from beginners’ riding lessons and 1hr to 3hr rides, to multiple-day riding safaris with bush camping and fly camping.

Several ranches and private conservation areas around the Chyulu Hills, Tsavo and Laikipia in Kenya, Lake Mburo in Uganda, and at the Grumeti Reserve in Tanzania offer you the unforgettable chance to experience horseback safaris in the wilderness. Horseback riding is available for all ages; however there may be minimum age, and minimum experience level restrictions based on the specific area in East Africa.

Camelback riding is a fun experience for the whole family, and this is best done in the Laikipia and northern Kenya regions. In Tanzania, camelback safaris are available in the Lake Natron Area.

Both horseback and camelback safaris are a wonderful way to explore the local forests, plains and bush, and give you the chance to approach plains game much closer, and you will be guided by the local people with an unmatched knowledge of the land, culture, animals and plants of the areas you will travel across.

  • Horseback riding in Tsavo. Image credit: Ol Donyo Lodge.

  • Camelback riding in Laikipia. Image credit: Lewa Wilderness.

  • Camels cooling off in a stream. Image credit: Lake Natron Camp.

  • Horseback riding at Lake Mburo. Image courtesy Mihingo Lodge.

  • Camelback safaris at Magadi © Tano Safaris.

  • Adventure horseback safaris in the Masai Mara. Image credit: Offbeat Riding Safaris.

Age, weight and experience level restrictions apply to Horseback riding safaris in East Africa. Detailed information is provided when you book with us.

Contact Tano Safaris now for horseback and camelback riding safaris and experiences in East Africa: enquiries@tanosafaris.com.

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