Breathtaking flights over East Africa

Helicopter flights over the Virunga Mountains are one of the most unique and breathtaking adventures you can imagine. You could take a few hours of your day to visit world famous archaeological and prehistoric sites close to Lake Turkana in Kenya, or land next to a sparkling lake high up on Mount Kenya to enjoy some trout fishing and a picnic. Helicopters can also be chartered for air transfers between parks, or the different countries, during your safari in East Africa.

Scenic flights in small charter planes give you the chance to fly close by the magnificent snow capped mountains in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, to admire the stunning topography of the Rift Valley, and to can take you for a quick visit to the most remote or scenic areas of each country in East Africa.

Imagine the thrill and excitement of flying over the magnificent Lewa Downs in the Laikipia Plateau in an Biplane, the only one in the country… we can arrange that for you!

  • Flying visits to remote cultural villages. Image credit: Tropic Air.

  • Flying over the thousand hills of Rwanda. Image credit: Akagera Aviation.

  • The Virunga Mountains in Rwanda. Image credit: Akagera Aviation.

  • Scenic flights past Kilimanjaro. Image credit: Campi ya Kanzi.

  • Scenic flights past active volcanoes. Image credit: Tropic Air.

  • The colourful salt pans at the Magado Crater. Image credit: Tropic Air.

  • Thrilling flights in low-flying Biplanes. Image credit: Lewa Wilderness.

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