Fishing is fun in East Africa!

Fishing is fun and rewarding and gives you a nice add-on to your safari in East Africa.

You can choose to take a few hours’ break for a spot of relaxed fishing for Trout, Catfish, Tiger Fish and Barbel, whether you are in the Masai Mara, Meru, Aberdares and Mount Kenya, Akagera National Park, or even at the fabulous Selous Game Reserve.

Thrilling and scenic flights in helicopters allow you access to the sparkling Lake Alice high up on Mount Kenya to enjoy some trout fishing and a picnic surrounded by incredible vistas.

You could fly to the remote and wild Lake Turkana in northern Kenya, or visit Lake Victoria and the River Nile if you are looking for a little more excitement as you hope to land a giant Nile Perch and Tilapia. Try your luck to land a Lake Tanganyika Perch (Pamba), one of the largest fish to be found in East Africa, after an exciting morning tracking chimps at Gombe and Mahale.

If you prefer the challenge and excitement of Big Game fishing for Marlin, Swordfish, and Sailfish, the waters off Kenya and Tanzania’s coast on the Indian Ocean are amongst the top sites in the world for record-breaking catches. Tano Safaris will arrange the fishing excursions for you, and you’ll bring back the pictures and stories!

  • Fishing for Trout on Mount Kenya. Image credit: Tropic Air.

  • Fishing for Nile Perch at Lake Turkana. Image credit: Eliye Springs Resort.

  • Catfish from the Mara River. Image credit: Offbeat Mara Camp.

  • Modern boats for big game fishing at the coast. Image credit: Metemwe Lodge.

  • Beautiful Dorado from the Indian Ocean. Image credit: Matemwe Lodge.

  • Egrets perched on a traditional fishing boat on Lake Victoria. Image credit: Mfangano Island Lodge.

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