Bring the kids along!

East Africa is the perfect destination for family safaris, and we can help you to introduce your children to the warm welcome and friendliness of its people, the colourful landscapes that form nature’s own playground, and a chance to see the remarkable wildlife while they learn about conservation and how they themselves can contribute to helping their own children see these sights in the future.

TANO Safaris picks the perfect locations for families travelling with children, and with accommodation options ranging from private houses to the more traditional lodges and camps, we promise safe and entertaining thrills and experiences that will remain in their hearts and in their memories, forever.  

  • Kids are always delighted to be on an adventure © Tano Safaris.

  • Friendly and experienced guides help take care of the little ones. Image credit: Mara Bush Homes.

  • Guided nature walks teach the kids all about the animals they see © Tano Safaris.

  • Football matches between guests and staff. Image credit: Sosian Lodge.

  • Visits to schools provide a perfect opportunity to meet local kids. Image credit: Mara Bush Homes.

  • Bows and arrows, taught by the experts! Image credit: Mara Bush Homes.

  • Listening for the sounds of the savannah © Tano Safaris.

  • Several lodges and camps have night-time visitors that will thrill the young and old © Tano Safaris.

Contact us now for information on family safari experiences in East Africa:  

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