Climb Mountains and volcanoes 

Conquering the summits of the snow-capped peaks of East Africa’s mountains is a challenge many find alluring. Tano Safaris can combine mountain climbing experiences for you with a relaxing beach holiday or a less physically challenging, yet equally alluring safari.

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world (5895m above sea level), is often considered to be one of the easiest mountain climbing options. No special mountaineering skills are necessary for climbing the popular routes on the mountain, but due to the high altitudes involved, the climb should not be undertaken unless climbers are fit and well exercised. We recommend that aspiring climbers have a physical check-up and start a fitness-training programme at least 1 month before the climb. An average of 5-7 days is needed, depending on the route and level of experience.

Ol Doinyo Lengai (2962m) is the most important geological and cultural attraction in northern Tanzania. One of the few remaining active volcanoes in the Rift Valley, and the only volcano that produces black lava in the world, the local Maasai people revere it as the sacred dwelling place of Enkai. Climbing the mountain is possible, always accompanied by qualified guides, and the trek would begin at midnight and last about 6 hours in total. However it is imperative to note that the mountain is extremely active and anyone who wishes to climb it does so entirely at his or her own risk!

Mount Kenya trekkers aim for the third highest peak, Point Lenana (4979m). Getting to Point Lenana can take an average of 3-4 days, and is an enjoyable experience as you take in the bamboo forests (which are not present on Mt. Kilimanjaro), and the little furry hyraxes that love to huddle next to each other (and to you, if you allow them!) because of the cold temperatures. Only professional mountain climbers with rock climbing experience can tackle the peak of Mount Kenya (5199m).

With the majestic Mount Margerita as the highest point in Uganda at 5109m above sea level, the Rwenzori Mountains, the legendary ‘Mountains of the Moon’, are located in the western part of Uganda along the border with Congo. These mountains are very difficult to scale, more challenging than the other more high altitude mountains in East Africa, and only a few get to sample the stunning views of glaciers, afro-alpine plants such as giant lobelias or groundsels that can only be found in Uganda at this altitude, and in this area.

In Rwanda, overnight treks up Mount Karisimbi (4507m) can be arranged for you, as can full-day or half-day hikes up Mount Bisoke (3700m) and Mount Gahinga (3400m). Gahinga has a small crater lake that is incredible for a refreshing swim after the hike, and there are interesting volcanic caves on the way.

  • Trekking through the snows of the Rwenzori Mountains.

  • Beautiful Groundsel and Senecios dot the mountains. Image credit:

  • The snow capped twin peaks of Mount Kenya. Image credit: Tropic Air.

  • Kilimanjaro trekking. Image credit: Summits Africa.

  • Pretty everlasting flowers are some of the unique alpine vegetation seen on high altitude treks © Tano Safaris.

  • Rooms with a view. Image credit: Summits Africa.

Age and experience level restrictions apply to Mountain Climbing activities in East Africa. Detailed information is provided when you book with us.

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