Savour the sun, the sea, the sand

Endless stretches of fine white sand fringed by palm trees, and amazing and beautiful underwater coral gardens are the perfect ingredients for a beach holiday at the Indian Ocean coast or on one of the several islands and atolls scattered close to the coastline. There is a wide selection of hotels and resorts, ranging from luxurious hotels and all-inclusive resorts, gorgeous villas and private houses to ‘barefoot luxury’ private islands.

Dhow trips and sunset cruises are a lovely way to experience the sea in a traditional boat, and overnight trips are possible on private Dhow charters.

Snorkelling is fun and can be enjoyed by everyone. The snorkelling sites all over the coast of Kenya and Tanzania are filled with coral reefs and colourful marine life, many being found close to the surface. Inland, snorkelling can be enjoyed in the pristine waters of Lake Tanganyika, home to several species of endemic Cichlid fish.

Scuba diving lessons and trips are readily available for beginners, while deeper sites attract experienced divers who are confident with strong currents. Hundreds of species of fish, rays, and dolphins and even the occasional whale or shark, and whale sharks can be spotted! Every property at the coast has access to a Dive Centre where a fun array of water sports can be arranged.

Some beaches along the coast are protected nesting grounds for the endangered Green Turtles that migrate for thousands of kilometres across the vast oceans before returning to East Africa’s beaches to nest.

  • Private luxury islands in the Indian Ocean. Image credit: Mnemba Island Lodge.

  • Miles and miles of sandy white beaches at Diani. Image credit: Sands at Nomad.

  • Dhow cruises in Lamu © Tano Safaris.

  • Whale Sharks are often spotted at the coast. Image credit: Diving the Crab.

  • Snorkelling excursions in Zanzibar. Image credit: Mnemba Island Lodge.

  • Inland beaches at Lake Tanganyika. Image credit: Greystoke Mahale Camp.

  • Boat excursions on Lake Victoria. Image credit: Mfangano Island Lodge.

  • Scuba diving unveils a stunning diversity of marine life. Image credit: Matemwe Lodge.

  • Lamu fishermen repairing their traditional dhows © Tano Safaris.

  • Baby Sea Turtles leave the nest and head for the ocean © Tano Safaris.

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