Nature walks and Bush walks

Nature walks are possible at practically every camp or lodge, mainly within the property’s grounds, and are great for stretching your legs after your morning game drive. Forest walks are great for seeing birds, butterflies and to appreciate the natural beauty of the indigenous forests. Naturalist guides accompany you as you see, touch and taste the plants and learn about their traditional uses. Learn about animal tracks, watch birds, and with luck, approach plains game such as antelopes and zebras and giraffes. Nature walks are also ideal for children, who may not be old enough to experience bush walks.

Bush walks are carried out in the open savannah and bush land, and may be accompanied by armed park guides. You would get the nature walk experience with the added bonus of the possibility to observe elephants and buffalo. Trail blazing through the dense forests in Rwanda on the Congo-Nile Trail is exciting and a great adventure, and bush walks and multiple-day walking safaris in big game country accompanied by experienced guides are especially recommended in Kenya and Tanzania.

  • Guided nature walks are ideal for the entire family © Tano Safaris.

  • Walking gives you the chance to appreciate the delicate little flowers © Tano Safaris.

  • You may come across one, or all of the Little Five © Tano Safaris.

  • Forest walks along well marked trails. Uganda.

  • Hiking can be as short or as long as you like © Tano Safaris.

  • Local guides impart their knowledge of the flora and fauna. Image credit: Nduara Loliondo.

  • For the more active, hiking through rocky terrains and streams adds excitement to the walk. Image credit: Lake Natron Camp.

  • Walking in the bush puts you on the trail of the wild animals © Tano Safaris.

  • Bush walks often bring encounters with big game. Image credit: Offbeat Meru Camp.

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