Meet our feathered friends!

One of the first sounds you will hear on safari will be the Dawn Chorus, the beautiful songs and calls of birds as they tell you it’s time to wake up. Having been serenaded by the sombre notes of the nightjars and owls during the night, the Dawn Chorus is alive, melodious and bursting with energy and promise.

Over one and a half thousand species of birds inhabit East Africa. Unmistakable ostriches, Ground hornbills and Secretary Birds confidently stroll across the savannahs, while overhead, vultures, eagles and falcons scour the ground for their next meal. Raucous cuckoos and colourful turacos inhabit the forests, and tiny pipits and plovers, massive herons and storks wade along the shores of the region’s lakes. The Rift Valley’s alkaline lakes host millions of flamingos, a thick blanket of colour visible from miles away.

Special bird watching safaris accompanied by our professional birding guides present opportunities to search for the local birds, as well seasonal migrants that come in from as far away as Siberia. Serious Twitchers eager to spot the elusive Hinde’s Babbler, Fox’s Weaver, or the Pemba Scops-Owl, will delight at the incredible diversity of birdlife in East Africa.

  • Colourful Barbets on the lookout. Image credit: Kuro Tarangire.

  • The impressive Shoebill Stork. Uganda.

  • Elegant Crowned Cranes flying over the grassland. Image credit: Isabel and Rolf Römer.

  • Synchronised Kori Bustards © Tano Safaris.

  • A Secretary Bird scours the ground for its next meal © Tano Safaris.

  • Hundreds of thousands of pink Flamingos at Nakuru. Image credit: Loldia House.

  • A Lappet Faced Vulture with its eyes on the prize © Tano Safaris.

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